Bananas Cure Hangovers

Can bananas cure hangovers, really? One thing is for sure, eating bananas is a tasty way to treat a hangover. Alcohol can suck the potassium right out of you, which makes you feel sick the next morning. By replenishing yourself with bananas, you are fortifying your diet with one of the best natural sources of potassium you could ever eat.

Bananas cure hangovers?

Bananas are also a good source of B6, a vitamin that can also help with hangovers. The fruit contains a lot of magnesium, which calms blood vessels and eases a throbbing head. Since bananas are also an antacid they help get rid of heartburn and upset stomachs, quite the multi-purpose fruit!

Have a banana or two before bed after a night of drinking and you may help your morning. If you wake up feeling crummy, try blending some bananas up to make a great tasting smoothie. You can even try boiling two banana peels in one cup of water, and drink the “banana tea” for soothing relief.

So it is not really true that bananas cure hangovers, but they do help… learn more about home remedies for hangovers here.