Getting Rid of a Hangover

Is there anything that can be done about getting rid of a hangover? There are many steps you can take to relieve yourself of unwanted hangover symptoms. Exploring what happens to the body after a lot of drinking has shown that although hangover relief can be attained, there is no true way to get rid of a hangover completely. Have no fear though; this is not a hangover death sentence. There are plenty of preventive tips and hangover remedies out there. Nevertheless, for the sake of full disclosure, the only thing that will truly absolve a hangover once you have one is time.

Some experts view a hangover as subtle withdrawal symptoms that happen when a person stops drinking alcohol. This explains why the morning after can be rough. Time has gone by since the last drink and your body is yearning for more alcohol. You can imagine that there is really no cure for this as drinking more alcohol simply prolongs the inevitable: a hangover even worse on the horizon.

There are other incurable after-effects of alcohol that must be waited out. Your liver turns alcohol into the substance acetaldehyde, which causes many symptoms similar to a hangover. Although the acetaldehyde is out of your system once you’ve sobered up, the aftermath leaves you feeling ill. Furthermore, the effects of congeners in your system also contribute to your hangover. Unfortunately, there is no cure in existence to rid the body of either of these two toxic substances (other than the time it takes for them to exit the system) at which point getting rid of a hangover is just a matter of waiting it out.

Beyond this, a few of the ailments that are caused by too much alcohol can be mitigated. Thinking ahead by eating before you party and incorporating as much water as possible into the night will dilute a lot of what will cause you problems later. As a last resort, greasy food, ibuprofen and electrolyte-enhanced beverages can be helpful aides during the morning after.

Drinking smart, hydrating and sticking within your limits is the safest way to avoid a hangover. If that isn’t possible, then the next best thing may be to go back to bed and simply wait it out.