Greasy Food

Need another reason to eat cheeseburgers? You’re in luck because greasy foods can be helpful in attempting to prevent and treat hangovers. Burgers, fries, pizza and hot dogs may not normally be considered “good for you”, but when eaten before or after heavy drinking these foods might actually provide some benefit.

Greasy Food

If you know that your night is going to involve drinking try having a greasy meal beforehand. The theory goes that the grease in the food coats your stomach and intestines. This slows down the alcohol absorption in your system.

If you’d like to avoid foods with high cholesterol you can opt for some olive oil instead. Swallowing a large spoonful of olive oil will coat the stomach with good fat as opposed to what is found in hash browns or chicken nuggets.

Making your first meal after drinking a greasy one might also provide you with some hangover assistance. Round two of the grease further helps with slowing the absorption of alcohol in the system.

However, make sure to stay away from spicy oily foods like the morning favorite Spanish chorizo and eggs, because spicy food can irritate the stomach and have the opposite desired effect.