Hypoglycemia and Alcohol

Hypoglycemia takes place when blood sugar levels are so low, your blood does not provide proper energy for the body to function. Much like a lot of sugar can give you a temporary high, low blood sugar levels make you feel lethargic. A study has shown that alcohol can cause hypoglycemia. Each time you drink, your body is focused 100% on breaking down the alcohol. During this time it is impossible for your liver to create consistent amounts of blood sugar. This doesn’t occur every time you drink but is likely to happen if there’s nothing in your stomach and you opt to drink a lot. Pregnant women and folks recently recovering from heart, liver or kidney issues are extremely susceptible to this condition.

Low blood sugar can be very dangerous because it can cause fainting. Signs that this may occur include hunger, sweating without reason, nervousness, exhaustion, feeling light-headed and having a hard time talking. Therefore, if you think you are going to be drinking heavy it is not a bad idea to snack or eat a small meal before boozing. Focus on foods high in fiber and try to stray from sugary foods. Regular exercise is also a great combatant as it’s hard to take down a healthy body and exercise helps regulate your internal systems.