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Rice Wine and its Effects on the Body

Rice wine, also called sake, is a type of alcoholic beverage which from its name, is made from rice. Traditionally, wine is made through the process of fermentation made from grapes or other organic fruits. Sake originated from the Far East in Asia and later on was spread out through the Indian-African region through trade.

Rice wine | Sake

This type of wine, when compare to other regular wine, contain a higher level of alcohol content. Regular wine usually contains 10%-20% alcohol but rice wine contains 18%-25%. Unsurprisingly, it has way more alcohol content that beer which only contains about 4%-8% of alcohol.

It is natural to think that drinking too much of this wine, or any other alcoholic beverage for that matter, is bad for the body. It will have side effects such as nausea, hangover, blurry vision, lost balance and lost muscle control. The side effects might be felt earlier when drinking rice wine because of its higher alcohol content.

However, there are also other health benefits from wine made from rice. It has been tested to help improve the skin's protective function and also in skin whitening. In effect, it is concluded that rice wine may be a potential protectant from UV-induced skin aging phenomena. In addition, rice wine has also been linked to promote better blood circulation and enhanced body metabolism. There are citric and lactic acids in rice wine which helps the digestion of the food. When food is properly digested, nutrients are better sorted out and transferred to the proper body organ. There is also research that specially brewed medicinal rice wine can have more beneficial effects than other regular wines. Some consider rice wine to be more healthy than wine from grapes because rice wine contains large amount of protein, sugar and vitamin B2. These factors have been shown to regulate blood sugar, plus vitamin B2 supports the liver giving it more energy to assist with alcohol digestion.

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