What drinks cause hangovers?

If you are wondering what drinks cause hangovers, we are sorry to report there’s no magical type of alcohol that will leave you hangover free. Drinking too much alcohol, no matter what kind, will probably make you ill the next morning. On the brighter side, it’s nice to know that some types of alcohol will cause less severe hangovers than others.

Congener Levels in Different Types of Alcohol

There are many reasons why some drinks make you sicker than others. Usually you get what you pay for, and this holds true with less expensive booze. Cheaper alcohols are rarely made as well (or filtered as well) as top shelf brands and that can add to your hangover. Even more important is the amount of congeners in a type of alcohol. Congeners are found in greater concentration in darker liquors and seem to play a huge part in how severe your hangover is going to be.

A study done in Britain discussing what drinks cause hangovers has brandy and red wine at the top of their list for causing the worst hangovers. Last on their list is vodka, causing the fewest symptoms. So it is not just the heavy stuff… different types of wine make for varying types of hangovers. Believe it or not, in some cases wine from countries with a bad weather season can cause a worse hangover. Cheap red wines are infamous for giving people headaches and the “red wine headache” is an ailment that effects certain people no matter where a wine is from (or its price) due to an allergic reaction to histamine.

So what drinks cause hangovers? All of them! There’s no “get out of hangover free” card, but by becoming aware of some of the worst hangover culprits you may be able to ease some future pain.