Biometric Trackers

Biometric awareness dates back to the time humans became conscious of their heartbeat, so it should be of little surprise that the dominant device in this category is still the heart rate monitor. However, there is an astonishing proliferation of new devices biometric tracking devices hitting the consumer market, in part attributed to sensor tracking technology improving in an astronomical fashion. Furthermore, as the human population becomes more than just a spectator with regards to the management of their personal well-being, ownership of their biometric data has moved outside the sacred walls of a doctor’s office and instead is easily gathered and monitored through commercially available devices. The emergence of modern biometric tracking is changing the way we look at personal health and wellness. Biometric tracking devices include any device that tracks biometric data, from heart rate monitors to state-of-the-art ingestible and/or insertable sensors that can provide your granular data about the interworking of your internal systems.