Live Life Love | Volume Fourteen

Hello Everyone,

It has been a fun challenge trying to personally reconnect with all of you that get this; even if it was in part a thinly veiled way to have the opportunity to ask some of you to support my sport supplement project. I must admit that last quarter’s newsletter lacked a bit of authenticity, and for that I apologize. It didn’t lack integrity by any means… it was just a bit blasé about the details. In my opinion, the holidays are reserved for positivity and giving. It is fair to say that this project for the most part is ‘taking’. I ask you to take a little bit of your valuable time each quarter to read what I have to say. In return, I do what I can when you ask me to. December wasn’t the time to unload tribulations.

Truth be told, the end of last year was actually quite intense. I had just enrolled in a PhD program to further study human performance. I returned from the Athens Marathon in November to discover that my company had completely moved operations offshore, leaving me without a job. Meanwhile, on the side I had been hammering away trying to get an entrepreneurial project together which has cleared me of my savings. There were a couple other major personal setbacks as well – basically an onslaught of challenges. None-the-less, it did little to shake my resolve. Something that deserves mention is one of the chief reasons I didn’t crack is my wife Anna. As many of you know she is an unsung hero in all of this. One of the consistent attributes of successful people is their ability to surround themselves with people smarter than they are. In this regard, I count my blessings. My gratitude goes out to her, and all of you, for your help along the way. For the last two decades I have lived my life using Rudyard Kipling’s If as my creed. It continues to serve me well for this final adventure, but I have made the commitment to find a suitable replacement moving forward (as its utility has run the course). Any suggestions in that regard are welcomed, preferably something with a little more serenity baked in.

Here are this quarter’s deliverables (if you need a refresher about what this Project is all about I have posted a brief summary here):

Health and Wellness: This quarter’s wellness interview is with Margaret Moore (also known as Coach Meg). Ms. Moore is the CEO of Wellcoaches Corporation, which is widely known for setting the gold standard for training and credentialing of professional wellness and health coaches. Click here to read my interview with Margaret Moore about wellness coaching.

Entrepreneurship: This quarter’s business interview is with Barbara Lippard. Barbara is a member of the Board of Directors of SCORE, a nationwide, non-profit organization with 13,000 counselors and approximately 400 chapters in the United States. They are a remarkable small business resource, click here to read my interview with Barbara Lippard about SCORE.

Life Experience: Regarding life experience this quarter, the Myers, Anna, and I went to Scotland for Hogmanay. Hogmanay is the Scottish word for New Year’s Eve – a celebration and carnival rich in Middle Evil tradition and one heck of a kick butt party. Highly recommended!

Hogmanay 2011 | Edinburgh, Scotland | Michael Rucker

Hogmanay | Edinburgh, Scotland | 2011


Contribution: This quarter’s contribution came in the form of sponsoring the child of an old college buddy Rob J. in his effort to jump rope for the American Heart Association. The request came in as, “I’m excited about raising money for other kids – kids with hearts that don’t exactly work right.” How do you say no to that? I sponsored Jill L. in her Bay Area half marathon effort. I also made a small donation to Sweet Relief which provides financial assistance to career musicians who are dealing with illness, disability and/or age-related problems.

So the next chapter begins: With lint left in my pocket, can I find the right job, pull off becoming a PhD and build another mini empire on the side? With luck, good friends like you, a great partner, and a little tenacity I’m not too worried. It’s not all good, but it’s pretty close!

A quick plug: To my friends on the cognitive science side of things, just a quick reminder that the SharpBrains 2011 Summit is next week. If interested in attending, you can receive 15% off admission by using the reference code rhb2011 at checkout.

Warm regards,