Live Life Love | Volume Twenty-Seven

Hello Everyone,

I hope your summer is off to an excellent start. With summer here there are better things to do than read email, so I am going to make this quarter’s note short. Someone recently shared with me that most endeavors in life are like making sausage, the quality of something you create is only as good as the ingredients you put in and the methods you use. Moreover, if you want beef sausage, you don’t put in chicken, you use quality beef.

As silly and simplistic as this sounds it has stuck with me. I’m not getting any younger and I’ve still got a dent I’d like to make in the Universe. Not staying focused (filler) and engaging in activities that do not move me forward are getting in the way of worthy pursuits. Letting ill will fester, self-loathing, or reading some negative news story on my phone when I could be paying attention to my daughter creating the most glorious Mega Bloks castle is building terrible sausage. That’s not to say one cannot have fun. They don’t call spontaneity and adventure the “spice of life” for nothing. Anyway, today forward I recommit to making better sausage.

Health and Wellness: This quarter’s health and wellness interview is with Bob Summers who is one of the founders of Fitnet which is a company that helps individuals achieve their health goals by providing easy-to-access fitness sessions through a mobile device. Apple recently just announced a new framework called HealthKit to help developers build better wellness apps. My interview with Bob Summers about Apple’s new HealthKit (and health apps in general) can be found here.

Entrepreneurship: This quarter’s entrepreneurial interview is with Brad Bowery about co-working environments and personal networking. Brad is the former Chief Executive Officer of SRECTrade and has recently become a partner of Founders Den, which is an innovative shared coworking office space helping other entrepreneurs take their companies to the next level. My interview with Brad Bowery about coworking space can be found here.

Life Experience: As I alluded last quarter, this quarter’s life experience was quite exciting as I got to knock off another World Wonder, and I also got to attend a traditional Indian wedding. Although the former is fun with regards to bragging rights, attending the wedding outshined the Taj Mahal.

Taj Mahal
Taj Mahal | Agra, Uttar Pradesh, India | 2014

If you ever have an opportunity to attend a traditional Indian wedding in India don’t pass it up! It was a true privilege and an exceptional experience.

Contribution: This quarter I contributed to Ruby’s effort with Global Glimpse which is a nonprofit organization who each year sponsors over 500 students to learn more about developing countries and culminates in an educational trip to Latin America. Through this program, Global Glimpse strives to create generations of global citizens who are not only aware of the world’s problems, but also deeply invested in solving them.

As promised, keeping it short this time; I hope you get the chance to make great sausage this summer too!

Warm regards,