Great Entrepreneurial Ideas Get Help | The Penny Ice Creamery

Recently I attended a meeting with my local chamber of commerce and was made aware of the story behind a neat little start-up, The Penny Ice Creamery. The Penny Ice Creamery is an artisan ice creamery located in Santa Cruz, California, that successfully used government programs to get their business flourishing. They are a “real world” example of what a great business plan along with thoughtful execution can achieve.

The video above shows how The Penny Ice Creamery was able to maneuver their way through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act enabling business partners Kendra Baker and Zach Davis to successfully deploy their entrepreneurial vision. It also illustrates the value that small business plays in a community by highlighting job creation and purchasing from local and national suppliers. If nothing else it is a testament to what can be achieved with fortitude and another example that great entrepreneurial ideas get help when needed.