Make the Call!

In my experience one of the clear cut differentiators between successful entrepreneurs and those that have been, for the most part, unsuccessful is tenacity and the ability to pick up a phone. Use these two skills to your advantage and almost anyone in the business world is accessible. For examples of this look no further than this Web site. How did someone like me get an interview with someone like Getting Things Done guru David Allen? I asked.

Tim Ferriss discusses an experiment he performed as a lecturer at Princeton (in his book The 4-Hour Workweek) where he challenged a group of students to contact three seemingly impossible-to-reach individuals for a chance at a round-trip ticket anywhere in the world. In the first year of conducting the experiment not one person was able to complete the assignment. The second year Mr. Ferriss was able to do a better job instilling confidence in his students stating, “From contacting billionaires to rubbing elbows with celebrities – it’s as easy as believing it can be done.” In the second year of conducting the experiment, 6 out of 17 of Tim’s students had completed the task within two days.

Roadtrip Nation further supports the notion that people are accessible if you are motivated. The show has highlighted numerous notable interviews, with remarkable interviewees, and virtually unknown interviewers. The show does a great job highlighting that fact that successful people will make time to help other people driven by purpose. The truth is successful people remember what it was like to begin something new, and if asked, are usually happy to help out the next guy… you! Success leaves clues, go find them.