Websites Should be Built for the Customer

Customers have inherent questions when they visit any business online. Some of these questions are determined by the customer’s personality, while others are influenced by the customer’s first impression of the Web page they landed on. If your potential customers can quickly and easily get their questions answered, they are more likely to convert to paying customers. If you or your Web designers did not build your business website with the customer in mind, you might want to think about a redesign.

Put yourself in the shoes of your customer, look at your website, and ask the following questions:

– Is this what I expect to see?
– Can I tell what this company does?
– Will I benefit from the products and/or services here?
– Are the prices reasonable?
– Can I trust the refund policy?
– Do I want to spend time here?

– Does the site look credible and trustworthy?
– Is this company established?
– What do other people think of this company?

Next Steps
– What actions can I take from here?
– Are there any promotions I can take advantage of?
– Can I talk to a live person?
– Are there any case studies on the site?
– How do I learn more about the company?
– How do I contact the company?

Along with the questions I have listed, there will be questions that only you can think of (because they will be specific to your respective entrepreneurial project). Take some time to brainstorm as many questions as you can (better yet, ask some of your current customers to help you), add them to my list above, and evaluate whether your website is effective at giving your customers the answers to these questions.

Remember, most people hit the Web to gather information first. Provide this valuable service to prospects and these potential customers might just honor you with a few more seconds of their valuable attention.