What’s Live Life Love?

The Live Life Love Project was started at the end of 2007 by me, Mike Rucker, to publicly commit and document 25 years of self-development and self-discovery (click here to see the very first newsletter). After a significant stint as a successful entrepreneur, I was heading back into Corporate America and I wanted to ensure that I did not lose sight of my passion for networking and learning about human performance and well-being. I wanted to make sure that I stayed committed to experiencing and contributing to this collaborative effort we call “Life”. Also as I continued my doctoral pursuits, I desired a method to store accumulated knowledge. The Live Life Love Project serves these pursuits.

The rules of the Project are fairly straight forward. Beginning in December of 2007 and ending in 2032 I have dedicated myself to reaching out to 100 thought leaders in the area of well-being and fitness and 100 thought leaders in the area of entrepreneurship and business, two people each quarter of the Project (resulting in 200 interviews in total when complete).

I have also committed to experiencing something new each quarter by way of an interesting life event, activity and/or travel, ensuring that by the end of 2032 I will have 100 unique memories/moments to relish when the Project concludes.

Finally, I have committed to contributing a year’s salary and a year’s work hours to charity by the end of 2032. In 2007, I established $65,000 as a year’s salary based on census data (you can do your own census research here), and came up with 2000 hours by taking 52 weeks (the weeks in a year) and subtracting 2 weeks for legal US holidays (leaving 50 weeks) and multiplying that by 40 hours (the standard hours in a US work week).

I leave you with two quotes from two of my favorite thought leaders. The first quote is from Einstein, “Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.” Above are the simple beginning rules of the Project, my journey and outcomes are still in progress and are being actively documented (and/or accessible) through this website. If you have found yourself here, I hope you like what you see. The second quote I leave you with is from Peter Drucker, “The best way to predict the future is to create it.” There is nothing special about me, or spectacular about this Project. Almost anyone can accomplish amazing things, including you, if you foster a conviction to perform and contribute. Everyone has the capacity to Live a Life they Love and flourish, create this for yourself and the future is yours!