Home Remedies for Hangovers

Looking for home remedies for hangovers that go beyond the common wisdom of hydrating with water? Here are some home remedies that might help ease some of your symptoms:

Thyme has been purported to provide hangover relief. Make some thyme tea by boiling five or six thyme leaves over a burner for five minutes. Remove the leaves and sip the tea.

If you’re looking for something more organic to soothe your pounding head other than aspirin try willow bark. Willow bark is a natural aspirin substitute that can be taken as a capsule, powder or extract to help with pain relief.

Some party people still enjoy playing bartender the morning after. If you feel like whipping up a wholesome morning cocktail to ease the pain try serving up one teaspoon sugar and two teaspoons fresh lime juice in a glass of water. It won’t give you back your buzz, but when drank slowly, this mix has been known to provide relief in some.

Ginger root has also been known to help people recover. Get some in your system by drinking ginger ale or making some ginger tea. To make ginger tea, simply boil a few slices of fresh ginger in four cups of water for ten minutes. Afterwards, strain the liquid and add the juice of one lemon and one orange to it. The orange juice is high in vitamin C, which helps hangovers as well. Honey is also a great addition to this tea because the high fructose content of honey helps break down the alcohol in your body.

A couple of activities to partake in for your hangover are a warm bath to calm your mind and if you are up for it and have a willing partner… SEX! During sexual intercourse endorphins are released that will give you a little hangover break and a chance to work off some of last night’s liquor. If sex is not an option, any exercise you can do will also help push out toxins and get your circulation going — great for your hangover!

Some other home remedies for hangovers that people swear by are:

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Whether you’re eating off your hangover or working it off, these home remedies are an au naturale way of trying to find some relief.