The Physical Effects of Alcohol

The physical effects of alcohol can transform a person from a well-mannered citizen, to a fun loving extrovert, to a bumbling idiot or in the worst case to a downright menace to society. Just ten minutes after you start drinking, alcohol will begin to affect you physically. While the alcohol-induced journey usually begins with pleasant feelings and laughter, it can end very differently.

Let’s start with lowered inhibitions. Having a drink or two brings about euphoric feelings. You become more animated than usual and may find yourself stumble a bit (or oblivious that you’re stumbling at all). In this state you’re also more likely to participate in activities that you wouldn’t do normally.

A few more drinks and you’re likely to experience slurred speech and weak coordination from reduced muscle control. More drinks and your memory becomes hazy. This happens because alcohol lowers mental control mechanisms. As the alcohol content in your blood rises, long periods of time are forgotten and blacking out can occur.

At this point, a couple more drinks and you begin to feel sick. These sick feelings can come from the dizziness caused by a lack of balance. Nausea also occurs when the body starts to fight back and, for protection, tries to get rid of the alcohol by throwing up.

Headaches and hangovers begin to set in a few hours after heavy drinking ends. This is from the hydration loss that comes with drinking booze. Extreme amounts of alcohol (i.e. blood alcohol concentration of 0.40 and above) and you can go into a stupor. In this state, confusion is so high you cannot function. Even more liquor and the physical effects of alcohol include falling into a coma, having paralysis in the respiratory system or in the worst case… you cease to exist.