Treating Hangovers

Treating hangovers is never fun but there are many hangover remedies and hangover tips out there to treat your hangover and ease some of the pain.

The best thing to try for getting rid of a hangover is sleep. When you’re in a resting state, your body can focus on ridding itself of alcohol’s toxins instead of other activities. You’ll probably feel like doing this anyway, as the body will be weak. Consider taking a sick day over forcing yourself into work, unless you enjoy naps on your keyboard.

Beyond resting, there are many hangover tips out there regarding what to eat and drink. Focus on rehydrating your body with plenty of water and fresh fruit/vegetable juices. The vitamin C found in orange juice can be helpful just be aware that a lot of acidity and an upset stomach do not mix well. Drinks like Gatorade and Coconut water are an excellent way to restock the electrolytes lost after heavy drinking. Use dehydrating substances like caffeine in moderation (if at all) and try to stick to high mineral foods like canned fish or pickles (if you can stomach it).

Some look to drinking again in the morning as a hangover remedy. The tomato juice and celery in a Bloody Mary will provide some vitamins to the body and having new alcohol in the system distracts the body from remnants of last night’s booze fest that are still in the blood. A morning-after fallacy for treating hangovers is the “hair of the dog”, which is not recommended since you are just prolonging the inevitable.

You can try taking a shower and alternating from cold water to hot, which has been known to help. Alka Seltzer is another thing people go to for hangover relief. Some partake in good old fashion exercise as a cure. If you are well enough to muster the energy for it, try drinking some water, getting outdoors and sweating it out.

Meds may seem like a good option for killing the pain but in reality their side effects are amplified when alcohol is in the system and are best avoided. Alcohol and aspirin are both blood thinners so mixing the two is not a wise choice. Acetaminophen, aka Tylenol, can cause liver damage when mixed with liquor. Ibuprofen can be taken if necessary but even with this drug you have the chance of stomach bleeding so it’s best to steer clear of all pain killers if possible.

Exploring what happens to the body after a lot of drinking has shown that hangover relief can be attained through various means. However, treating hangovers and getting rid of all the symptoms completely can only be obtained through time.