Live Life Love | Volume Twenty

Hello Everyone,

This marks the end of the fifth year of the Live Life Love Project. I cannot believe five years have gone by already! Getting to meet and talk with so many fascinating people has been a real honor and strengthened my belief in the power of reciprocity. Looking back at past interviewees it’s amazing what these people have accomplished since I was able to sit down with them. Todd Dipaola made the cover of Entrepreneur Magazine. Ed Baker sold his company to Facebook and stood next to Mr. Zuckerberg himself during Facebook’s IPO. Matt Szymczyk’s company was just awarded a game-changing patent. Bryan Pate’s ElliptiGO bikes can be seen everywhere now. Dr. Michael Gervais was called out on international television by Kerri Walsh Jennings as being a crucial part of her success in the Olympics. Simply great stuff… inspiring and motivating! This quarter I’ve reached out to two more entrepreneurs on the fast track to success.

This quarter’s business interview is with Eric Quick, the Founder and CEO of Cloud 9 Performance Solutions. Eric has over twenty years experience in food production including time with notable companies like Disney, Safeway, and Revolution Foods. My interview with Eric Quick about using technology for good while still making a profit can be found here.

This quarter’s wellness interview is with Kenneth Snyder, the Founder of LifeGadget. LifeGadget is a budding company that aggregates social, activity, and wellness data to build a comprehensive and contextualized view of oneself. My interview with Kenneth Snyder about the power of personal data can be found here.

My contribution this quarter went to John Z’s effort to support the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network. John not only finished The Disney Half Marathon this month, but also was able to double his fund raising goal for pancreatic cancer as a part of this admirable achievement.

I have a lot this quarter that qualifies as new life experience but what I’m most proud of is attending my first Quantified Self Conference and being allowed an “office hours” slot with my colleague Ryan McFadden.

Quantified Self Conference 2012 | Michael Rucker

Quantified Self Conference | Palo Alto, CA 2012

I’m developing a thought-leadership position in the area of technology and behavior change. As all my personal passions start to meld together — psychology, health and wellness, technology, and marketing — I’m quickly finding my professional footing as these fields serendipitously are converging in the consumer market of biometric and medical tracking. Someday soon, someone will be writing about my success in their opening paragraph.

Speaking of paragraphs, my sincerest gratitude for reading this all the way to the last one. Wishing you happiness and your own success as we close out 2012!

Warm regards,